A 3d version of the proposed Fediverse logo.

Our first step into the Fediverse

Hello, this is our first step into the Fediverse – thanks to the Activitypub extension now available for WordPress. It certainly won’t be the last. One of the main goals of Vagabunda is to look for new ways to share information and stories in new and innovative ways. Not just in different languages, but through different media and in an ethical way. Mastodon and other Fediverse options have great potential in this regard, so we are very interested in them. The founders of Vagabunda, @edelareguera and @erikdelareguera, have been on Mastodon for some time, and now Vagabunda is here too.

Our Mastodon account is a mirror image of our blog, and if all goes to plan, it should be possible to comment on posts directly on Mastodon, and for us to reply to comments via WordPress (so that they look like replies on Mastodon). Let’s see if it works!

Illustration: Eukombos. (CC 4.0)

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